Catherine shakdam

#5 The Independent lies on Yemen

I came across an article by The Independent accusing the Houthis of systematically torturing women and children: “Yemen’s Houthi rebel group has rounded up, forcibly disappeared and tortured dozens of women, while blackmailing their families, rights groups have revealed, as violence soars in the war-ravaged country despite peace talks underway in Jordan.” I have to call this out! Absolute BS! I will address this report in my podcast tomorrow but before I do that I wanted to say this: While no-one is claiming that Yemen Resistance movement is an innocent white lamb … yes abuses have been committed, Yemen let’s remember is facing unparalleled military pressure and a humanitarian crisis that has literally decimated the country! Of course errors have been made, of course people have crossed the line … this is not the point. If there is abuse it is by the hands of Saudi Arabia against Yemen’s children – boys and girls for that matter. Here is what the report is not telling you. For decades now Saudi Arabia has used Yemen as its own personal sex trafficking shopping mall – kids from the poorest background have been trafficked to the kingdom and other Gulf countries to satisfy Saudis’ most sexual depravity. It’s not a secret either …. the UNSC knows about it! I researched the issue for the UNSC and it’s all there for the world to read. So ENOUGH with the lies and propaganda.


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