Catherine shakdam

#6 Iraqi Minister Has Ties With Daesh?

In a controversial move, Iraq appointed an education minister with well-known ties to ISIS.

A relatively new democracy, Iraq has had over the past decade to overcome more internal crises, roadblocks and threats to its territorial integrity than most countries. To add to such a bleak picture, the country was literally sold to the ravages and pestilence of Islamic radicalism, courtesy of Wahhabism growing regional influence.

To put it simply, Iraq was put through its paces! One invasion, a semi-military occupation and one attempted takeover by crazed Wahhabi radicals later, Iraq nevertheless managed to stir its budding democracy to safer shores, somewhat battered, but for the most part alive and kicking.

One would expect such brushes with political and constitutional annihilations would spur Iraq to apply itself to higher and greater administrative standards, if anything, to protect itself from another ride around the crazy mill.

Such expectations are based of course on the assumption that state officials would want to honor their mandate by keeping to both the letter and spirit of the constitution. Recent developments have proven such rationale to be wishful thinking!

Late in December 2018, amid the Christmas celebrations, and let’s be honest, a distracted world media, Iraq’s newly appointed prime minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi Al Muntafiki decided to offer up the education ministry to a suspected ISIS sympathizer.




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