Catherine shakdam

#15 Nigeria Y’all

On December 15, 2015 mainstream media briefly reported that Nigeria had been hit by a wave of violence following clashes in between Shiites and the military. What most outlets failed, or rather, omitted to report is the agenda sitting behind the bloodshed. For decades now, Nigeria’s religious minorities have suffered by the hands of vicious radicals – whether Shiites or Christians, cities and regions have had to bow before the dark banner of Wahhabi-inspired extremism, the very ideology professed by Saudi Arabia. Infamous for their rejection and fierce denunciation of all faiths other than their own, those extremists we have all learn to call by their acronyms: al-Qaida, ISIL, Boko Haram, and al-Nusra, have been at war with Islam – Shia Islam to be precised. An Islamic school of thought denounced by fundamentalist Saudi Arabia, Shia Islam has long been portrayed by Wahhabi clerics as an apostasy to be eradicated, an ideological plague requiring handling. Far from being the monster of the story, Shia Islam has been the one voice within the Islamic world which has systematically denounced terror and radicalism, oftentimes standing a protective barrier for religious minorities across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Must Read:…

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