For those of you wishing to help the Mona Relief Organization get the money it needs to feed Yemen as its time of needs I have put together a special book publication package.

You can now purchase my entire book collection (all 3 volumes) – signed for a nominal fee of £100. The proceeds will directly go the Mona Relief Organization.

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Mona Relief Organization  is a Yemeni Registered Charity No: 177/2015 – Veritas Consulting  was entrusted with the organization’s fundraising efforts.

In March 2015 Saudi Arabia, the richest country in the Arabian Peninsula and regional super-power declared war on impoverished Yemen.
Backed by a grand regional coalition and the tacit agreement of the international community, Saudi Arabia has ravaged Yemen, raining missiles on its people.

As weeks turned into months, Yemenis found themselves caught in the eye of a furious storm, the prisoners of a war they did not seek nor did initiate.

Over 26 million people now stand in the line of fire.

Over 50% of the Yemeni population is in dire need of humanitarian assistance.
Over 2 million children suffer from malnutrition and counting …

Suffocated by an embargo which has defied all humanitarian laws, Yemen has been cut off the world.

With no food, no fuel, no access to clean water, no medicine, no shelter and no means to protect themselves from the harsh climate, millions await, completely destitute.

Because humanitarian aid has so far been entrusted to Saudi Arabia, and because Saudi Arabia has systematically imposed conditions on such aids, thus violating international law, the Mona Relief Organization decided to step in this humanitarian wasteland and offer some comfort to a people otherwise forgotten.

The Mona Relief Organization relies solely on independent donations. We do not represent any political party and we do not speak for any political or religious agenda.

We aim to provide humanitarian assistance where it is needed, while offering long lasting solutions for the communities we serve.

Whenever possible we source our products locally to boost commerce and provide local economic relief.

Because Yemen is under blockade, relying on local stocks is the only way!

If our donors have been so far generous, we need to push on if we are to beat hunger and poverty.

We need your help! We need your help today!

Help us get Yemen back on its feet. Help us beat poverty and save a life one donation at a time, one generous act at a time.

War is a tragedy, let’s not make it the end of Yemen’s story.


With your donation we will make sure that those who lost everything to war have a safe place to stay, a warm meal to eat and the support they need to get back on your feet.

Without your help millions stand to die. If we leave to governments to act, millions will die.

Yemen needs your generosity and we need you to help us save its children.
Every penny raised will be used to provide food, medicine and all other necessities to those most in need.

You can follow our efforts and progress on the organization website.

We have so far managed to distribute an excess of 3 million meals to families across Yemen.